Parmesan Potage

Change things, everything is moving forward and everything is changing fast in the culinary world. I wrote about fine dining  that went down in history and the conceptual dining  that took over his role. This is a completely different approach ... potage ... here are the groceries and .... the method is a top secret  ... the decoration can be improvisation ...

come on, go ahead and stack the dice



Carrot: 50gm

Celery: 50gm

Onion: 50gm

Garlic (chopped): 10gm

Onion (chopped): 10

Bay leaf: 3nos

Peppercorn: 10nos

Parsley Stalk: 20gm

White wine: 25ml

Parmesan Cheese: 40gm

Water: 1.5lit

Salt to taste