zvonko TRAJKOVI─ć

Time and taste go together, a new age brings new dishes, refresh your plate with me because pleasure will not wait.


The dish with my signature has only three groceries... 

That's enough for magical tastes.

 Less is more

Pasta Fork Italy Spaghetti Eat Italian Meal

Pasta is my great love and passion for their age, which is why I stand behind the La Pasta Cucina brand

about me

 I explore the world of amazing food. I am constantly looking for new culinary trends for preparing food, which include new cooking technique


Culinary is my love, my passion and my vibe.

 I live in the kitchen 24 hours a day as a chef, as a producer of two magazines on culinary trends and  as a consultant to restaurants and hotel restaurants .

If you find      in the description of the restaurant and food products i am responsible for the magical TASTE !

Welcome to my space